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Professional Recruiting International has be serving the local, regional, national and international communities since 2004

PRI enjoys nearly 20 + years of Management, Human Resources and Recruiting knowledge and expertise. Placements of career employees have occurred throughout the Nation and in nearly every major industry.


Ian McCracken, President and Owner of PRI, has numerous years of expertise in the area of recruitment and hiring. Through his career, Ian has worked for top Global Fortune 500 and Regional Companies such as Praxair, Hexcel and Intermountain Healthcare. Before forming PRI, Ian served in many capacities to include Vice President of Recruiting, International Project Manager and Regional Human Resources Manager.


Ian received his BS from the University of Utah and MBA from Utah State University. Ian is known for his integrity and wisdom and brings a unique Human Resources and recruiting perspective that lends to the overall long term success of the Companies with whom he and PRI works.

Professional Recruiting International has developed a team of professionals to anticipate your needs.

PRI recruiters work in concert with each other to help seek out opportunities for prospective employment placements.  They provide step by step instruction through the process to make employers and employees comfortable. They work from a place of integrity and honesty.

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