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Professional Recruiting International has been successful in facilitating the process of hand in hand hiring.

It is the goal of Professional Recruiting International Recruiters  to use this process to create an environment of trust between the companies we represent and potential candidates. This helps everyone make decisions  much quicker and with greater confidence.

Stage 1: Analysis

This stage entails an analysis of the companies current hiring process flow. PRI will review the companies requirements to understand the career candidates needed skills that will best lend to the company's success.  A written review will be established to meet the companies needs.  A review of PRI deliverables will include an analysis document outlining qualifications and essential background.  Before moving to stage two service agreements will decide between PRI and hiring company outlining responsibilities and provisional commitments.

Stage 2: Review potential career candidates

This stage entails a review of all candidates via PRI databases and network sources lending towards the delivery of the best prospects for the interview.

Stage 3: PRI screening process

This stage includes PRI qualifying and interviewing of potential candidates for the position(s) in question.  PRI may  screen as many as 10 candidates for one position.  This may be done either via the phone or face to face.  After the first round of screening, PRI may screen as many as 5 of the initial 10 candidates before deciding which 1 to 2 candidates to send on to the hiring authority for review.

Stage 4: Management of Candidates Interviews

This stage is used to ensure the correct candidate is put in line for interview with the hiring authority.  Data point documents are sent to hiring Companies for review.  PRI will take on accountability for all interview dates and times between candidate and hiring company.  There will be one-on-one work with PRI clientele to assure proper functioning of the interview schedule.  After interviews, feedback from both candidates and hiring authority will be conducted by PRI to assure fit.

Stage 5: Background screening

Upon a companys request and payment, PRI may conduct a screening of candidates to potentially include checks on qualifications, education and prior work history


Stage 6: Offer phase

PRI will mediate between candidates and hiring authorities in relation to start date an offer details.  Follow-through with both sides will occur to assure that all is in place as agreed upon by both parties

Stage 7: Follow-up

PRI will remain in contact with the hiring authority to assure that all is in place as agreed upon interview in any other areas for assistance.

How it all works...
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