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Why Use PRI

At PRI, we help deliver career candidates with the qualifications you need in the time frame you require.

If you are presently open to opportunity or merely a casual job seeker or if you are an active hiring authority working with PRI, you 're in the right place!


We have placed professionals in a variety of industries including: Manufacturing, Sales, Healthcare, Homecare, Human Resources, Aerospace, Engineering, Finance, Corporate Management and IT. Our years of experience and the way we do business helps us maintain our unique status of being one of the top recruiting firms in the country.


Besides being viewed as one of the top professional recruiting firms of its kind, you will find that PRI is one of the best networked Companies in the nation. Due to PRI's resource rich background we are able to quickly find, assess and deliver quality, career professionals within nearly every major industry. As a business, PRI remains committed to top performance by partnering with Companies in matching career employees to their needs. PRI's desire is to consistently work directly with proper hiring authorities to ensure that long-lasting and successful relationships continue for many years after the placement occurs.


Integrity, Ability and Networking Knowledge is what PRI offers. Top career professionals are what you receive.

U.S. and International Locations PRI has placed
  • PRI client companies interview > 93% of all PRI candidates.

  • PRI interview to placement ratio is > 40%. Industry standard (i.e., competitors) is approximately 6%.


  • PRI has been leading the industry in the numbers of professional placements per recruiter since 2004. 

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